The Star Citizen Encyclopedia

Author: HO0T

The intention of this series is to establish a consolidated encyclopedia of relevant information for the persistent universe (PU) of Star Citizen. Other websites have done excellent work providing content on certain features of Star Citizen, however, it is the author’s opinion that more work can be done to bring this content under one roof and serve as a repository of information for survival, trading, and knowledge. It is the objective of this project to cover each planet, moon, asteroid belt, and any other existing locations within an individual star system in detail that pulls together sources and provides the user with the requisite tools to accomplish their goals within the persistent universe.

For user awareness: much of the initial information for each system will be obtained from the ARK Starmap provided by RSI. Disclaimer: the ARK Starmap has outdated information; this resource will consolidate the available information from the starmap and adjust with published content from CIG when it becomes available. Additional sources will be named when necessary to give credit where it is due.

Please understand that this is going to be a multi-year project, and that information will update as the alpha progresses in development. Thank you for your patience, and I hope this resource will serve you, and the greater Star Citizen community well.

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Star System: Stanton

Star System: Pyro

Star System: Odin

Star System: Nyx