Join Black Gear Rooks

Howdy, fellow Star Citizens!

Are you seeking a mercenary band that operates with the precision of a well-honed blade? One that feels more like a family than some vast megacorp? Look no further than the Black Gear Rooks (BGRs). As a formidable force within the vast expanse of the Star Citizen universe, we pride ourselves on recruiting anyone and everyone, from all walks of life, training them up to be a diversive, impactful member of our group.

At BGRs, we operate as a tightly-knit collective, fostering a community that ensures every member’s safety and well-being, both in-game and in the realities beyond. Our support network, spanning Logistics, Economics, Medical, and Industry, forms the backbone of our operations, ensuring that every mission is executed with meticulous planning and flawless execution.

We welcome seasoned players and newcomers alike, offering comprehensive training to hone your skills in various game loops. Our flexible roles and assignments cater to those who prefer to specialize in a particular niche, allowing you to explore your strengths and contribute to our collective success.

Most importantly, we prioritize the safety and camaraderie of our members above all else. In our ranks, you’re not just a name but a valued member of our family. With personal connections that go beyond the virtual realm, we strive to ensure that every member returns home safely, no matter the challenges we face in the cosmos.

Join us in our journey to conquer the vast unknown, where expertise meets unity, and every mission is an opportunity to redefine the limits of what’s possible in the Star Citizen universe.

Take the first step toward an unparalleled adventure. Join the Black Gear Rooks today. Contact us for more information and enlistment details. Let’s forge our path together.

Join us on Discord and our Website to get started.